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The Year of the Rat was undoubtedly a rocky start to the new year with the outbreak of the nCov (Coronavirus). The virus has changed the mood, interaction, and livelihood of people living in China. Despite this people have used this time to release the stress of being quarantined in doors and express themselves through their creative talents. BYoung Fine Arts is partnering with MUSE u&m to curate a show introducing works from artists made during the time of the virus outbreak. As well all proceeds from the exhibition will go to the Guardian Shield Program operated by the Beijing Thanksgiving Welfare Foundation. The exhibition will be held online from February 20-March 19 and offline at MUSE u&m Gallery from March 20-April 19th.

If you would like to participate in this upcoming exhibition please check out the details below.

Requirements: Different mediums of work (paintings, sculptures, video, photography)  created during the 2020 outbreak. Documentary work is encouraged.

Deadline: March 15, 2020

Submit your work name, personal profile, and work information to team@muse-um.cn


Donation: The proceeds of this project will be used to donate to the "Guardian Shield Program", and the details of the donation will be announced on the public account.

"Guardian Shield Program": sponsored by Beijing Thanksgiving Public Welfare Foundation, for all staff participating in the fight against "Novel Coronavirus" in 2020 (including not limited to medical staff, quarantine staff, inspectors, media reporters, etc.) in case of Illness, disability and even unfortunate death, provides free humanitarian assistance, and special support for those who have made outstanding contributions in the fight against the epidemic. This project is a long-term domestic support project. It provides comprehensive support to the recipients and their dependents and establishes long-term guarantees.

Epidemic prevention work: In order to cooperate with epidemic prevention work in special periods, we will prepare infrared thermometers, disinfectant, masks, gloves and other tools to ensure the safety of visitors, artists, and staff during offline exhibitions as much as possible. The staff is wearing epidemic prevention clothing, and the exhibition will use online registration to limit the visitors during the same period and register the visitors.


Online exhibition: Starting from the day of external recruitment and release, it will continue to present works online and exclusive interviews with artists.

Offline exhibition: Tentatively scheduled to be held at the Museum of Creative Minds from 2020/04/05 to 2020/05/05 (if there is an adjustment according to the development of the epidemic, the first time will be notified on the public account).


View the Online Submissions by clicking on the link below



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