The March Artsy Travel Vibes

March has arrived marking the beginning of the rainy season, women's month, but also the introduction of new art exhibitions in Shanghai. Below you can find new exhibitions happening this month in March.

Parallel by Erwin Olaf


Dutch creative photographer Erwin Olaf will hold his first exhibition in Shanghai to display his recent works from the last 15 years. Erwin entered the scene of photography as a photojournalist documenting the hot night scene of the 1980s. His unique and bold capture of his subjects in black and white through his series 'Squares', 'Chessmen', and 'Blacks' brought him worldwide attention. He soon completed works for Louis Vuitton, Vogue Magazine, and designed the 2016 catwalk for Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Claiming several noted awards such as Photographer of the Year in the International Color Awards 2006 and Kunstbeeld magazine’s Dutch Artist of the Year 2014, the Netherlands’ prestigious Johannes Vermeer Award in 2011, as well as the Silver Lion at the Cannes Advertising Festival you can now view his works which brought his much applauded recognition.

Gallery: Shanghai Center of Photography

Address: 2555 Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District 徐汇区龙腾大道2555号-1

Metro: Line 11 Yunjing Road Exit 2 11号线 云锦路 2号出口

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 -18:00, last admission 17:30. Closed on Mondays.

Entrance Fee: 40 RMB

Yayoi Kusama All About Love Speaks Forever

2019.3.7 - 6.9

The infamous Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama will grace Shanghai from the month of March until the warm summer months of June. Yayoi is well known for her polka dot themes displayed in paintings, sculptures, installations and more. The Queen of avant garde art has experimented with all forms of art from printmaking, to performance art and literature. Now her works will go on display in the beautiful Fosun Art Center an architecture befitting to herself, and her renowned works.

Gallery: Fosun Art Center

Address: 600 Zhongshan East SecondRoad, Huangpu District 黄浦区中山东二路600号

Metro: Line 10 Yu Yuan Garden Exit 1 10号线 御园 1号出口

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00 - 18:00. Closed on Mondays.

Exit Plan


Snap Art Gallery is christening their new location with the opening of the Exit Plan exhibition. The Exit Plan will showcase a group exhibition of 29 contemporary artists and collectives in their new location a former 1916 neoclassical German bank, which includes Hu Ren Yi's otherworldly installations, Japanese artist Nobuaki Takekawa, Li Ran and more. This exhibition is on display for one month so don't miss your chance to see these diverse minds on display.

Gallery: Snap Art Gallery

Address: 294 Sichuan Middle Road, 2F, Huangpu District 黄浦区四川中路294号2楼

Metro: Line 2 East Nanjing Road 2号线 南京东路站 2号出口

Tomorrow of Yesterday

2019.3.9 - 4.14

Austrian photographer Stefanie Moshammer will make her first debut in Shanghai, China at the Modern Art Base Gallery. Stefanie will take us through the island of Haiti in her exhibition Tomorrow of Yesterday where she captures the joys and sorrows of the island through the unique use of bordering and angles of her subjects. Stefanie's works from her Land of Black Milk book were also published with New York Magazine, which you can view on her website. Visit her exhibition on display until April 14th.

Instagram: @stefanie_moshammer

Gallery: Modern Art Base

Address: 10 Jian Guo Middle Road, Huang Pu District, 黄浦区建国中路10号

Metro: Line 13 Ma Dang Road Exit 4 13号线马当路站 4号出口

Entrance Fee:Free

The World of Saha by Yu Hong


Yu Hong is a renowned Chinese female painter who experienced first hand the changing scene of contemporary art in China through the New Wave Movement in 1985 and the controversial China Avant Garde Exhibition in 1989. Yu Hong's works depict the evolvement of women's daily lives through the changing social, political, and cultural debates in China drawing upon influence from China's history and the Tang Dynasty buddhist paintings in her works. Curator Jerome Sans has designed the exhibition into three parts, Yu Hong's 'Heaven on Earth' series, 'Half Hundred Mirrors' and 'Witness to Growth'. Her works are on display until May 5th.

Gallery: The Long Museum West Bund

Entrance Fee: 50 RMB

Reminiscences of the Mekong River


Galerie Dumonteil will showcase 12 works from the past two decades of Vietnamese artist Le Trieu Dien in the Reminiscences of the Mekong River Exhibition. Living through the war in Vietnam Le Trieu Dien was able to reshape his emotions, and find the brighter side of life through his paintings. His vibrant paintings of rich color layered with symbols, and signs depict the Mekong River which runs through his home province of Ben Tre, and the local culture and customs of his home. Le Trieu Dien's works were previously displayed in France, America, Japan, and now in Shanghai until the end of April.

Gallery: Galerie Dumonteil

Address: 199 Hengshan Road Unit 105, Xu Hui District 徐汇区衡山路199号105单元

Metro: Line 1 Hengshan Road Exit 4 1号线衡山路站 4号出口

Line 10 Shanghai Library Exit 3 10号线 上海图书馆站 3号出口

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 11:00 - 19:00. Closed on Mondays.

Entrance Fee: Free

The Mortals by Ou Yang Chun

2019.3.16 - 4.28

Ou Yang a Xi An artists drew his inspirations from the contradiction and unsettling feeling induced by the social upheavals of contemporary in China. Ou Yang's crafted his installations from the forgotten memories of the residence buildings at Xi An University of Technology from May 2017 to March 2018. Incorporated into his installations are glass table coverings with neglected photos of it's previous owners, rusty ved frames, battered suitcases, and more. Curators at Shanghart Gallery have arranged the display of his installations and paintings through the concept of living and aging. Visitors will experience the mortal world, cross the river into the nature exhibition, enter the realm of religion in China, and end with the human section displaying smaller installations depicting the different social identities of the family structure. Ou Yang's works are on display until the end of April.

Gallery: Shanghart Gallery at West Bund

Address: 2555 Longteng Avenue Building 10 徐汇区龙腾大道2555号10号

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 11:00-18:00. Closed Monday.

Oscar Murillo and Zhang En Li Dual Exhibition

2019.3.22 - 5.31

Columbian artist Oscar Murillo explores globalization through the use of installations, paintings, drawings, and videos. His works follow the migratory routes, flight paths, and monetary flow of capital in the modern age with an aim to awaken artist's inquiry about our changing world.

Renowned Chinese artist Zhang En Li will also accompany Oscar Murillo in this dual solo exhibition at K11. Zhang will transform a room into a walking piece of art changing the rules of framing artwork. The walls of the gallery will be painted with gouache while the floors will be decorated with his checkerboard painting 'Untitled(Tiles)'.

Gallery: K11

Address: 300 Huai Hai Middle Road B3, Huang Pu District 黄浦区淮海中路300号

Metro: Line 1 South Huangpi Road Exit 3 1号线 黄陂难路3号出口

Hours: 10:00-22:00

If You Don't Use Your Eyes to See, You Will Use Them to Cry

2019.3.23 - 5.26

Renowned German artist Tobias Rehberger is transforming the Rockbund Art Museum inside out with his first ever solo exhibition in Shanghai. Rehberger has always explored the possibilities of design, architecture and conceptual art, and through the commissioned and site specific installations at the Rockbund he is bringing a new form of life to its visitors. Through the name of the exhibition curators Larys Frogier and Billy Tang state the meaning is a, "truism that expresses the connection between how we choose to see the world, and the importance of this decision in defining quality of our experience and engagement with it". The artists uses publics spaces and objects to transform the several floors in the museum ending with a concept bar collaborated with Shanghai based bar Blackbird. The bar opening onto the deck of the museum is only opened at night to bring a new vibrance to this exhibition all together.

Gallery: Rockbund Art Museum

Address: 20 Hu Qiu Road, Huangpu District 黄浦区 虎丘路20号

Metro: Line 2 East Nanjing Road Exit 6 2号线 南京东路站 6号出口

Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 10:00-18:00, last admission 17:30. Closed on Mondays.

Entrance Fee: 50 RMB

Asymmetric Archaeology: Gazing Machines by Quayola

2019.3.23 - 6.2

Italian artist Quayola has taken modern technology to reimagine how we express art through these familiar and unique mediums. Through his works he has reinterpreted classical art such as Baroque architecture and Hellenistic sculptures through the use of digital art forms. Quayola has reimagined a new world from the prior inhabitants of the earth through the use of robotic installations, digital print, digital sculptures, and videos.

Gallery: How Art Museum

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