A Pilgrimage to the Jackie Chan Film Gallery

Updated: May 8, 2019

Let's play a game. Name your favorite martial arts actor in 5..4..3..2..1 Jackie Chan (though I do love Jet Li's movies). Who did you say? Well even if you didn't say Jackie Chan there's no doubt he earns a special spot on the list of classic martial arts movie stars.

The infamous Jackie Chan has taken his skills and passion of the martial art form, and seamlessly intertwined it with cinema as an actor, director, writer, and of course a stunt double for decades. If you have no idea who I'm talking about I will cover my ears and close my eyes while you quickly ask Alexa or search into Google who he is. Finish? Good, welcome back.

My former roommate and I decided to have a roomie date one gloomy day in Shanghai. Upon searching new galleries for us to visit I discovered a tidbit about a Jackie Chan Exhibition. As we both grew up watching Jackie Chan's movies like Drunken Master, Mr. Nice Guy, Rumble in the Bronx and more, without a doubt we had to pay homage to this exhibition so close to our apartment. However, upon our arrival we discovered this was actually an entire museum dedicated to Jackie Chan himself and not merely a temporary exhibition. We later learned through the gallery introduction that the martial arts movie star curated every item himself to assist in retelling his experience of his rise to fame as an actor, director, writer and producer.

The exhibitions displayed throughout the museum showcase props, costumes, recreated sets, letters and gifts from fans, as well as, his charity work and more. The Drunken Master exhibition which displayed Jackie Chan's molds of the several Drunken Fist form techniques Jackie Chan used during his role. For all the Jackie Chan fans traveling to Shanghai a trip to the Jack Chan Film Gallery is definitely a must. Plan your visit, and find the museum details down below.

Address: 78 Yunling Dong Road, Shanghai, China 上海市云岭东路78号

District: Putuo 普陀区

Metro: Line 13 Dadu He 13号线 大渡河站

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