Day by Day

Virtual Exhibition

Welcome to BYoung Fine Art’s first virtual exhibition Day by Day — developed by Rem5 for Good. Empathy is rooted in the framework of the Black community who has faced overt and subtle oppression for hundreds of years. Their daily struggles have strengthened their will to persist and demand equality and justice in the face of violence and backlash. Through paintings, films and poetry; our virtual exhibition aims to help our audience grow with wisdom and pass on empathy to those in their communities. 

Through Rem5 For Good's cutting-edge WebXR platform, up to 30 users with custom avatars can roam freely to consume content, engage socially and emotionally connect. While this exhibition can be accessed in a VR headset, it can also be experienced by anyone with a computer and internet — transcending international borders.

We hope our exhibition will help to facilitate healing and to rebuild together as the human race. 


Nick Y. 尼克酱酱,  Jaylen Pigford, Orlando Daga, Jaime Ekkens, Amey Sali, Kevin Ma 马凯文,  Nemanja Jovanovic, Chris Nash, Queen Khay, Jai Thando, Vuyelwa Moledi,  James Sserwadda, Kathleen Day (K.Day)

Opening reception: Saturday, September 26, 2020/7:00 p.m. CDT

Exhibition duration: Sept. 26-Oct. 26, 2020


The VR Exhibitions is now closed, but you can still view pictures through our gallery. Just click on the "Enter Gallery" button below.



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