v. to awaken the mind.

Date: July 13-14, 2019

Time: 18:00-21:00


International Morn Studios 艺幕文化

50 Mo Gan Shan Road Building 1 Studio 301

Shanghai, China Putuo District


An unconstrained mind arouses creativity to develop art in unexplored realms. The artists at Disrupt have tapped into their minds creating a world composed of charm, fantasy, and color. Their work provokes an atmosphere of disruption about what is deemed fitting for the world of art.


Disrupt is the first exhibition of the Art After Dark series which seeks to bring a unique experience of engaging with art through a nightlife experience.

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Meet the Artists

Yu Guo Chan.jpeg
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Yu Guo Chan is a painter of risks bringing extravagant and avant garde themes through his paintings. His works have a momentary charm tantalizing his viewers eyes, while relaxing their minds from overthinking. His work was showcased his works in the Copelouzos Family Art Museum in Greece. Now Yu Guo Chan currently works between Henan and Shanghai as he continues to create art challenging the contemporary art scene in China.

”You can see the contrast between the many gorgeous and intricate solid colors in the works. I'm not trying to arrange them, but trying to get them to adjust to changes in my own emotions. In the aspect of composition and tension, I prefer the form of Thangka, which is more representative of the aesthetic system of the early Buddhism, and makes the picture full of religious concern on the basis of its appeal. At the same time, through the form of intuition or technique embodies the pluralistic and contradictory social essence, which makes the work more pure and absurd in a contemporary sense. The emotional atmosphere, the religious mysticism and the intense desire that the contemporary society has intensified are the theme of my exploration and the source of strength of each work. My style is a continuous interpretation of the highly personal and regional aesthetics, complex and noisy, weaving the eastern classical and modern conflicting and fusion of the strange worldview.“

Exhibitions​ and Projects

Cole projects Young Artists Program (2018)           

Greek private art museum Copelouzos family art museum Chinese artist "35 cm by 35 cm" joint exhibition (2018)            

Exhibiting Art Xiamen Contemporary Art Expo (2019)

Vincent Wen is a painter and graffiti artists bringing a clean and peculiar design to his work as he synchronizes each stroke into one entity. He has collaborated in the Stephen Curry Under Armour mural in Shanghai, and murals throughout China. Vincent wishes his viewers to gaze upon the beauty and aesthetic of his work without overthinking and inhibiting the mind from enjoying that particular moment.

"I believe that art has no boundaries or limitations. You can't define what art really is."

2019 受法国知名艺术家Benoit Petrus邀请参与“SHANGHAIREN”杂志封面设计

    “SHANGHAIREN” magazine cover illustration project with Benoit Petrus

2018 上海KC PARK篮球公园整体设计创作

    Shanghai KC Park interior design  

2018 上海友谊会堂Kenzo全新旗舰店开业After Party会场特约艺术家

    Shanghai KENZO new flagmentship store opening ceremony invited Artist

2017 北京Under Armour NBA巨星史蒂芬库里中国行现场大型涂鸦创作

    Stephen Curry China tour invited artist

2017 上海来福士广场G-Star RAW 新品发布会特约艺术家

    G-Star RAW invited artist

2016 上海Under Armour NBA巨星史蒂芬库里中国行与新品发布活动现场特邀涂鸦艺术家

    Stephen Curry China tour invited artist

2016 举办《三角关系》个人涂鸦艺术展

    The triangle Art exhibition

2016 成都TOYATO国际涂鸦邀请赛第二名

    TOYATO international graffiti championship,2ndplace

2016 上海LaneCrawford连卡福丹宁派对特邀涂鸦艺术家

    LaneCrawford Denim Party invited artist

2015 上海The Music Run™爱乐跑特邀涂鸦艺术家

    The Music Run invited artist

2015 上海Echo Park 回声公园音乐节特邀涂鸦艺术家

    Echo Park music festival invited artist

2015 上海Vans Tour 路演活动特邀艺术家

    Vans Tour China invited artist

2015 NIKE Sneaker Slam邀请设计师比赛队

    Nike Sneaker Slam invited team

2015 参与The Now network Project

    The Now network project invited

2015 New Balance Spark Start活动特邀艺术家

    New Balance Spark Start invited artist

2015 参加Meeting of Style国际涂鸦交流活动武汉站

    Meeting of Style international graffiti event Wuhan

2014 Jordan Brand 展开你的飞翔之翼 广告 作为特邀艺术家参         


Jordan Brand TVC invited artist

2013  I.T.上海/ IZZUE品牌周年活动特邀艺术家

     I.T. Shanghai invited artist

2013 中国武汉Top Model 电视超模大赛特邀涂鸦艺术家

     Top Model TV show invited artist

Vincent Wen

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Nick Y.jpeg
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Nick Y is a painter and illustrator creating a world of pure fantasy tainted with the darker realities of adulthood. He uses different mediums and vintage colors to express the manipulated reality we encounter day by day. His has been showcased at several exhibitions in London, Taiwan, and Mainland China.

"I wish to create a world of pure fantasy where animals have the ability to speak the language of humans, boats are turned into containers, and everyone hides their face behind an eerie mask of mystery."

Solo and Group Exhibitions

1ST July 2015 ‘‘UNREADABLE’’ experimental art in Warehouse gallery (E8 3QA London)

5th Jun 2015 The Camberwell open exhibition in Oreo Major Gallery (SE1 7RJ London) 

29th Apr 2015 group show in Cookhouse space (Chelsea, London) 

16th Feb 2015 Group show in Project space (Chelsea, London)

27th Nov 2014 Office party show in Anchorage House gallery (E14 2BE, London)

29th October 2014 Intro exhibition in Cookhouse space (Chelsea. London)

5th July 2014 Three artists’ exhibition in ShangHai DuoLun Museum of Modern Art (China)

11th June 2014 Group exhibition in University of TaiWan Zhang Hua (Taiwan)

15th Dec 2013 Group exhibition in Contemporary Art Fair in GuangZhou (China)

18th June 2013 Solo show in Hubei Institute of Fine Arts (China) 

25th Dec 2013 Art prize of excellent painting in Hubei Institute of Fine Arts (China)

Collections and Prize

Three of works from ‘Dream of door’ series were purchased by collector in 2015

‘Sleeping boy’ was collected by ShangHai DuoLun Museum of Modern Art in 2014

‘Colour is nothing’ and ‘You and me’ were purchased by collector in 2014

Three of ‘Nest’ series were purchased by collector in 2013

‘The bird’ won the Silver award of Art prize exhibition in 2013 

‘Mom’s portrait’ won the Excellent prize of undergraduate in 2009

Meet the DJ



DJ JRadio came from East Shenzhen, China with a passion for music particularly  Jazz. As he entered into the scene as a new dj he spun Hip Hop and R&B tracks. Later on in 2017 he experimented with Dubstep and UK Bass as he played at clubs throughout Shanghai. You can catch JRadio and his crew spinning and promoting events at Shanghai's top Hip Hop bar Ninja, and Mao Live House. Scan the QR to follow more information on JRadio.

Meet the Curator

Brittni Young

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Disruption awakens the mind from a sleepless state. Disrupt is the first Art After Dark Exhibition Series which alters the way we generally interact with art to bring about a different experience. The exhibition is set in an untraditional venue during an unpeculiar hour with artwork questioning the idea of "what is art" in China. The artists work and the atmosphere of exhibition will awaken our visitors minds as they challenge them to simply feel the rhythm of their work without overthinking. I hope through this exhibition our guests can enjoy the talent of these artists while also enjoying themselves during a night of beauty, cocktails, and music.

Special Thanks

Cheng Cheng

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A fellow art admirer Cheng Cheng has studied and traveled through Europe viewing galleries, and museums. Now living in Shanghai she continues to explore the growing art scene in China. During preparation for BYFA first Art After Dark Exhibition Cheng Cheng helped where ever she could for the execution of this exhibition. Thanks a million!