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About the Exhibition

What is the feeling of admiration that differentiates from the sense of mesmerization when the sun goes down? Is admiration that brief moment when you capture their lingering gaze glowing in awe of your presence or is it the words that ring deep in your soul when they speak with such conviction to a crowd of thousands? Admiration and mesmerization of people, things, and concepts trigger a self induced euphoric sending shivers down our spine, through our fingertips, to the soles of our feet. In this 2 part exhibition 7 artists from China, America, Italy, and Uruguay will present works that reflect admiration and mesmerization.Through a two part exhibition, we will kick off our Shanghai Tour starting at Mo Gallery and Lounge where guests will have an opportunity to view selected works from the Admiration by Day, Mesmerized by Night Exhibition alongside their artists in Mo Gallery and Lounge. The night will be accompanied with funk and jazz spins by DJ Stone, beer sponsored by Shanghai Fun Beer, handcraft cocktails, gifts, and a silent auction of selected works. The viewing will be followed by our week long exhibition at MUSE u&m Gallery opening on Tuesday, November 19, 2019.

We will open the first part of the entire collection of "Admired by Day" on November 19th starting at 18:00. Join us for a night of champagne, and an opportunity to meet the artists and hear the story behind their work for The Admired by Day showcase. 

The Mesmerized by Night showcase reveal will be accompanied with music by DJ JRadio, drinks from Shanghai's Fun Beer, gifts, and a chance to meet the artists. Finally in December we will have our final showing at Bao Gallery with special events for our guests. The dates and more details for Bao Gallery will be announced soon.

当太阳下山时,与迷住的感觉有什么不同的钦佩感?当您捕捉到他们缠绵的凝视时,敬佩之情是那短暂的时刻,还是当他们以如此坚定的信念向成千上万的人讲话时,这些话在您的灵魂深处响起?对人,事物和概念的钦佩和迷惑触发了自我诱导的欣快感,使我们的脊椎,指尖和脚掌发抖。在这次展览中,来自中国,美国,意大利和乌拉圭的七位才华横溢的艺术家通过他们的作品展现了老与新,无论是白天的敬佩之情,还是夜晚沉迷的魅力。通过两部分展览,我们将从Mo Gallery&Lounge开始上海巡演,客人将有机会在Mo Gallery&Lounge中观看艺术家的作品``仰慕于昼, 沉醉于夜'。当晚将与DJ Stone的放克和爵士舞,上海Fun Beer赞助的啤酒,手工鸡尾酒,礼物以及精选作品的无声拍卖相伴。观看之后,我们将于2019年11月19日星期二在MUSE u&m Gallery举办为期一周的展览。 从11月19日开始,我们将在11月19日18:00揭开整个系列的第一部分。和我们一起度过一个香槟之夜,并有机会与艺术家见面并聆听他们的作品``仰慕于昼”展示背后的故事。

夜迷迷场开幕酒会将与DJ Stone播放的音乐,上海趣味啤酒的饮品,礼物以及与艺术家会面的机会相伴。终于在12月,我们将在 琦域艺术生活空间 进行最后的展览,并为客人提供特别活动。  琦域艺术生活空间 的日期和更多细节即将公布。

Meet the Team

Brittni Young



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cheng cheng


ASST. Art director

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Meet the DJ



DJ JRadio came from East Shenzhen, China with a passion for music particularly  Jazz. As he entered into the scene as a new dj he spun Hip Hop and R&B tracks. Later on in 2017 he experimented with Dubstep and UK Bass as he played at clubs throughout Shanghai. You can catch JRadio and his crew spinning and promoting events at Shanghai's top Hip Hop bar Ninja, and Mao Live House. Scan the QR to follow more information on JRadio.

Meet OUR partners


MUSEu&m is a design studio of creative individuals based out of Shanghai and organizing events and exhibitions in Mainland China. We focus on Shanghai's offline design, art, and exhibition activities.

Shanghai, Huangpu District, 388 BanSong Yuan Road ​



MO GALLERY&LOUNGE is an integrated space created for art and culture, fashion and lifestyle events. MO GALLERY on the 1st floor dedicated to supporting and cultivating contemporary young artists, presenting their diversified and vital artwork, meanwhile through art exhibition and collection, culture events, crossover interactions, to demonstrate the joy of melting art in daily life. Tastefully furnished with vintage and French colonial style, MO LOUNGE on the 2nd floor provides a unique place for business meetings, brand events, gatherings and parties. 

MO GALLERY & LOUNGE hopes to provide a special space for those who want to escape from the bustle of the city, to appreciate the beauty and vitality of diversified art work, to taste fine wine from all over the world, and to celebrate the origin and essence of life.


MO GALLERY is now holding an art exhibition (10.27-12.27) ,presenting the conversation back to the essence of life between artist FANG Xiang and GENG Chen through a series of their vivid oil paintings.

Address: Shanghai, China, Huangpu District, 129 South CheZhan Road, 2F

地址:上海市南车站路129号, 2楼


We only choose the best raw materials with the best quality and reputation, we can protect the supply chain of our beer and protect the environment to our greatest extent. There’s an abundance of flavors and styles for beer. The perfect taste is the one you like the best.

Address: Shanghai, Xuhui District, 5 Gao You Road 55 Avenue ​


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Bao Gallery


Address: 83 North Gan Shan Road, Shanghai, Qingpu District