BYoung Fine Arts is a collective of artists, curators, and art lovers seeking to redefine the way in which emerging artists bring light to their creative works. We aim to assist artists in making their artwork known through their participation in exhibitions, events, projects, and more. 

Partnered with Bao Gallery 琦域艺术


Our artists participate in both traditional and nontraditional exhibition formats. We have curated pop up exhibitions, travel exhibitions, and more for our artists. During our exhibitions we provide different activities, and events to offer a different experience to guests.


Creativity often spurs from our interactions with diverse personalities and the environment around us. We hope to build a community of artists, creatives, and art lovers that can interact and collaborate with each other in order to spur new forms of life through art.

Photo by: Lele Mkhize


We aim to spread the rich evolution of art through our training academy workshops, seminars, and panels led by our guest artists in their respective discplines. You can stay up to date with these different events by subscribing to our newsletter below.

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